Veterans Tri Services CIC gets a NEW WEBSITE!

Veterans Tri Services are based in Penistone. We were founded in 2015 to run the local Armed Forces Day Event and were formally known as Penistone Community Raisers. In 2019 we became the Veterans Tri Services CIC, achieving status as a Community Interest Company.

We organise Armed Forces Day at Penistone Showground every year. It is a fantastic community event attracting over 7000 people from across Yorkshire.

Our main aim is to promote awareness and understanding of all the HM Armed Forces Services through education and events and support the well-being of veterans, service personnel, their families and the communities they live in. Through all our events and activities, we want to promote community cohesion and improve understanding of the sacrifice made by service personnel for future generations.


We plan to host many events each year to raise funds and awareness for Veterns in all three services of the Armed Forces;

  • The Army

  • The Royal Navy

  • The Royal Air Force

Check out our EVENTS page to see upcoming events.


Through education we raise awarness to the issues many of our service personel, their families anhd our veterans face. We help service personel and communities come together through training, awarness and education. We remind people of what it means to serve and create understanding of service life. We also provide tailored education packages to help people to recognise and remeber the sacrifice made by out amred forces past and present.


We believe that people and communities are the answer to improving wellbeing. Although many problems faced by serving personell, their families and our veterans are similar to the ones many people face. They are similar to the ones many people face. Ther are some very unique problems such as re-settlment, mental health concerns caused by combat, the impact caused by constant relocation and seperation caused by operational tours of duty. We have built a strong network to offer advice and support.

Feel free to check out our website to buy tickets and find out all about the Veterans Tri Services CIC.

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